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Point of Sale

Offer to purchase is captured electronically by Sale Person.

Call Center F&I

Dealership sends customer detail to Virtual F&I electronically.

  • Virtual F&I fully compliant, FAIS/FICA and NCA accredited
  • Offers secondary customer Value Added Products and comprehensive Short Term Insurance over voice logging system.
  • Value added products and short term insurance will be provided by participating stakeholders.
  • Full needs analysis, value offering and product disclosures are done, after which the transacation is finalized.

Finance Houses

Virtual F&I receives contract pack electronically from finance house.

  • Voice logs terms & conditions
  • Customer signs contract electronically
  • Customer takes delivery of new purchase at dealership

Virtual Finance & Insurance Solutions.

Dealfin web application will assist you from registering an financial transaction up to generating reports online.


What do we Offer the motor and leisure Industry?

Finance and insurance services on a pay-as-you-go basis.